Ih ba 16 ma

IH-BA-16-MA - ProInox H-B

by Julien

Cutting board for ProInox H0 + H75

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Higher price Option
Rain Shower Arm (3" Ceiling-Mount) - TS100MC3#CP

Finish : #CP Polished Chrome Finish Modern, clean design. Available in 3" and 9" lengths. Installs easily with a ceiling mount. Features: -Durable Finish -Available in 3" and 9" lengths -Easy installation

G 9957 large
Lower price Option
Push-Top Umbrella Pop-Up Drain without Overflow - G-9957-PN

Fits 1-3/4У Drain Application


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Manufacturer: Julien
Price range: $$$$$
Description: Cutting board for ProInox H0 + H75